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If you noticed some errant underexposed images when using your D700, it may not have been due to your settings. Nikon has released a firmware update that corrects the issue. The aberration for the severely underexposed images is rare but can occur.

It is not difficult to implement a firmware update to your camera’s inherent processing software. The instructions can be downloaded along with the update. You do need a card reader, but you should be using one anyway. It’s always wise to implement firmware updates from the manufacturer. In this case, I’m surprised that this fix hasn’t been offered sooner. The D700 has been out for almost 4 years!

Here’s the link: D700 Firmware Update


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I am and have been a member of nikonians.org since 2003. I know that not everyone in the world shoots Nikon, but some of the most knowledgeable people on Nikon frequent their forums and know the nuances of the gear. I think there is a free membership but then you go into a paid one. It wasn’t much to upgrade to Silver ($25.USD). They are a non-profit and not associated with Nikon Corporation in any way.


Fanboys aside (ok, I am female but it still applies), if you want Nikon branded stuff, have a visit to their shop. I have a Nikonians tee shirt and it’s very well made. Other items on sale too

Thanksgiving SALE is 40% off. There’s even a sell off older tee for a buck. You need to be a member.

Nikonians Shop

Listen to their podcasts (News Flashes). Very informative. News Flash #133, Oct. 26, 2009 is talking about a D800 release as a distinct possibility in lieu of a D700x(s). Woo! 1080p HD video, 24.5 MP sensor, 7 fps… maybe in the next 2 months. The D700 does not have video and is 12MP. The D800 may coexist with the D700 so this is a true upgrade and not minor. Potential lenses: 24mm f/1.4 lens, 85mm f/1.4 are mentioned. Since Nikonians is not a part of Nikon Corp. these are “rumors” and not official word from Nikon. I daresay though that some of the members are extremely well connected. 😉

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Couldn’t get away without a post to mention that Nikon has announced their new D3s body along with a new AF-S DX Micro 85mm f/3.5G lens. It certainly didn’t slip by me, but I will pass on this upgrade. It’s definitely a D3 on steroids.

Nikon Imaging D3s

Looks like there are some real tweaks to what is already an outstanding camera body. Notable is the boost in ISO to ISO 102,400, 9 fps and yep, video has arrived. I suspect that Nikon will not be releasing any new DSLR bodies without it as we move forward.

For those of you waiting for a D700 upgrade, I think you’ll just have to wait. There is a huge hole in Nikon’s lineup right now and it’s something that goes up against the Canon 5D II in megapixels, price point and video. That said, we wait and patiently at that. Meanwhile, go out and take some good images while the pundits and rumors grow fat with more future predictions and guessing.

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Nikon’s been quiet over the last year since their major release of their D3x. The D5000 was released, but I consider that consumer oriented. A new D3000 was also announced today.

Enter the D300s — officially announced today by Nikon. From first glance, it looks to be a healthy upgrade from the D300. Dual card slots (previously only seen on the D3 and D3x) 720 p HD video. It’s never been a secret when Nikon has the technology in current releases, that they like to port it into future upgrades and releases in their camera bodies.

New lens upgrades too! The venerable 70-200mm f/2.8 as well as the fabled 18-200mm sweeten the pot for those of you sitting on the fencepost waiting to buy. If you’ve watched Nikon’s habits of releases, you’re in good company if you’re waiting to see what they may do to the D700. I strongly suspect it will follow before the end of this year.

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I have other posts coming, but thought I’d post this because it’s very current. Blessed by Apple on 5/28/09 for availability in the iTunes Store. Canon users who use iPhones or the iPod Touch are very lucky because they have the opportunity to play with technology before Nikon users.

What is it?

It’s OnOne Software’s DSLR Camera Remote for the iPhone or iPod Touch that has been released for the Canon EOS DSLR line. The current intro price in the iTunes store is $9.95 but I’m betting that they will get the full standard $19.95 when it goes off sale.


Besides firing your camera remotely, you can

Remotely control the camera settings like

  • shutter-speed, aperture, white-balance and more
  • View images saved on the camera from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Create a Watched Folder in Lightroom and have the images go right into Lightroom!

I believe you need a laptop or desktop running their free Remote server software, but this is just waaaaaay too cool to ignore if you shoot digital. The marriages in technology are amazing. When they get around to pumping out a Nikon version, I’m game. My MacBook and iPod Touch await the arrival.

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Let’s zoom in to another freebie. 🙂

Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski of KelbyTraining.com have a new TV series! If you love shooting Nikon, this is very specific to Nikon users. Manuals only go so far. Episodes are 10-12 minutes so if you have a short attention span, you’ll still be able to digest content. I like both these two as trainers. I’ve read Scott’s books. He’s also used one of my stock images in one of his books. Dang! I hadn’t bought that one.

It’s Nikon D-Town

Brought to you by
NAPP National Association of Photoshop Professionals I’m a member of NAPP and there’s a wealth of benefits to it,  but Nikon D-Town is free.

They’ve detailed some really great stuff.
Digital begets chimping. We don’t just shoot without checking what we’re shooting. I like to see if things are sharp and in focus, and I’ll bet you do too. How many button pushes will get you to 100% magnification? Roughly, six. Six pushes? Yikes.
Supported by the D300, D700, D3 and D3x. D200 is different. Slightly different to set up in the controls menu.

One touch zooms right in. Get to 100% fast when you’re reviewing your images. Secret’s in the Custom Settings menu. I won’t get into details about it, you’ll need to watch it for yourself.
It’s in Episode 2. Set it up and you won’t look back.

This is a weekly show. It’s full of useful tips. Not textbook, but real working type tips. Not only that, but it’s portable. You can subscribe to them as iTunes podcasts. I’ve downloaded the episodes to my iPod Touch. I can watch them at my leisure. Joe McNally stands in too for some live demos with Nikon speedlights. Speedlights—yum! Thanks, guys.

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Nikon rebates end in a week. If you haven’t laid hands on a D300 or D700  by now, maybe time to push the economy forward with a purchase.

Get that body at a discount if you’ve been waiting. Rebates end March 28.

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