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If you noticed some errant underexposed images when using your D700, it may not have been due to your settings. Nikon has released a firmware update that corrects the issue. The aberration for the severely underexposed images is rare but can occur.

It is not difficult to implement a firmware update to your camera’s inherent processing software. The instructions can be downloaded along with the update. You do need a card reader, but you should be using one anyway. It’s always wise to implement firmware updates from the manufacturer. In this case, I’m surprised that this fix hasn’t been offered sooner. The D700 has been out for almost 4 years!

Here’s the link: D700 Firmware Update


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NAPP is launching their first Special training event with webcasts for a week on the Creative Suite 6.

CS6 Live

Looks like it’s free and live to the public for this week only. After this week, you’ll have to be a NAPP member and sign on to the NAPP website to view. Since I considered the CS 5.5 upgrade ho hum (I didn’t bother), I’m interested to see something substantial in the way of the upgrade to CS6. The Creative Suite is no drop in the bucket financially. I’d want to see Illustrator beefed up somehow. Acrobat Pro too. Photoshop was definitely punched up. InDesign adds liquid layouts so designers can repurpose content more easily. Dreamweaver has been boosted, but I don’t think I will be using some of their tools like the developers drool over. Adobe is pushing the envelope with their new Creative Cloud subscription service. Ouch, introductory pricing is $30. USD a month discounted for existing owners ? That’s $360 for a one-year plan.  If you go month to month, it jacks up to $75.

Can Adobe improve upon their industry standard tools? Guess we’ll see.

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I’ve been working in Lightroom so much that I’ve neglected to update my CNX 2 software. I was working on a headshot and forgotten how much truer skin tones are in the rendering of Nikon RAW NEF files.

It’s not uncommon for Nikon to update their software when new bodies are released such as the D7000.

Nikon has updated Capture NX2 to version 2.2.6.


If you’re reading this and have already updated, you may want to check out Nikon’s list of their current software versions.

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It’s April and getting close to the Creative Suite 5 launch. They are showing a few teaser things on the CS5 launch site.

I had a sneak preview of the changed Content Aware tool. It appears to be functioning like a giant patch tool but better. I have always favored the Patch Tool in Photoshop over the Rubber Stamp/Clone tool. This enhanced version looks like it’s on steroids! It’s detecting some very large areas to eliminate content from the image—seamlessly.

NAPP invited its membership to apply to test the beta version of Photoshop CS5. I wish that I had applied, but due to time constraints, I didn’t. I guess that I’ll have to wait to see more of the details.

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CS5 Launch

Curious? Seems like just yesterday that Adobe’s CS4 suite of applications launched. You can sign up for the lookey see!


I have no idea what Adobe is going to do to enhance an already awesome suite of products. I’ve registered and will save the date. I’m positive that it will be very interesting. See ya there. April 12, 2010.

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I’m behind in my publication reading, both online and hard copy. Creativeprose is an enewsletter distributed by CreativePro.com and they always have topics that interest me. Design, photography, tips, tutorials and current industry news. Terri Stone (Ed.in Chief) published an article that mentioned PicScout is offering a free run of ImageExchange.

Getty Images has been using PicScout for some time to track their image offerings. The image is attributed to the correct maker electronically. An embedded electronic fingerprint (non visual) makes this possible.

ImageExchange is a product that makes licensing and other relevant info available. It’s a Firefox browser add on. It’s free at this time and Beta. I’ve downloaded it but not installed yet. We’ll see. Looks like a handy tool for designers to determine and buy licensing. This is not the ImageTracker product that allows image rights owners to ID and locate image use on the Internet for copyright enforcement. However, this is also a tremendous sales tool. Dreamstime went live with their entire collection on Dec. 8, 2009. That means that if one of their images is found, it tracks back to them and the finder can license it by purchase. Incredible marketing tool.

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I’ve been so busy shooting that sometimes the back end of software post processing suffers. Lightroom 3 Beta is out so I’ve loaded it up to take it for a spin. It’s still Beta but I’m interested in seeing the new features.

The cloning tool is working faster. I don’t know if it’s due to my catalog being so small. Adobe does advise you to load your LR3 library up with duplicate files (from your current LR). I’m not going to duplicate my entire LR2.6 library. I only duped two folders. As with any Beta application, best to wait until all bugs are ironed out for the commercial release.

Interesting! A direct export to flickr is built in. Pretty easy to set up by logging into your flickr account. It is fairly easy to use. Looks like flickr has really gone mainstream. I am still using Jeffrey Friedl’s awesome plug in for SmugMug but now his flickr plug in might get killed off by this. Your keywords in LR3 show up as tags in flickr.

Jury is still out whether the upgrade will be worth it… The spin is still going.

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