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CreativePro.com is running a giveaway to win a copy of Photoshop CS5 Extended plus a book 3D in Photoshop to show you exactly how to use the 3D features of PSCS5 Extended. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended retails for $999 US. Nice prizes. Entry is free.

You do need to be a member of CreativePro.com but it’s easy to sign up and doesn’t cost anything. I like CreativePro.com because they cover Photography, Design, Fonts in content along with a lot of other areas such as Business, Hardware, Print and Web. Terri Stone’s (Editor in Chief) management of articles is always thought provoking.


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I didn’t have this in mind when I was out shooting the cranberry bogs last season. It’s nice to know where your image is headed when it gets published. The front cover image was ideal for the season as well as for the depiction of the county that I live in. I presented the editors with a series of outdoor images that would show off the beauty of the county and this one was chosen for the front cover.

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Yes, I am also on Canon’s email list (The PowerShot S95 is my pocket camera) so it’s only fair to post that they also have rebates going on this time of year.

Canon Rebates

Looks like they have more lenses that are standalone purchases on rebate. These aren’t instant rebates like Nikon—download the pdf and note that some dates vary for eligibility.

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Nikon Rebates are On

‘Tis the season. Nikon Instant Rebates are on. Here’s a view of them at B&H.

Nikon Rebates 2010

I do see bodies and a lot of kit bundles, but the only lenses are Tammy’s (Tamron) if purchased standalone. Make sure you note the dates on specific purchases. Some are only until 11/27 and others are 12/31.

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I’ve been working in Lightroom so much that I’ve neglected to update my CNX 2 software. I was working on a headshot and forgotten how much truer skin tones are in the rendering of Nikon RAW NEF files.

It’s not uncommon for Nikon to update their software when new bodies are released such as the D7000.

Nikon has updated Capture NX2 to version 2.2.6.


If you’re reading this and have already updated, you may want to check out Nikon’s list of their current software versions.

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Lightroom 3.3 is out in release candidate from. Adobe says a bit more testing is needed before it goes to commercial release.

Get Lightroom 3.3 here

Camera Raw 6.3 has also gotten a facelift. here.
There is a list of things that have been fixed. I lost so much time trying to reboot to get LR3 to directly open a file in PSCS5.

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