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I have been sitting in on the CreativeTechs free webinars for InDesign after I did the Photoshop 10 week series. I’m no slouch in Photoshop, but there is material that was covered that was extremely helpful to learn. Impossible to know an application to that degree. Particularly since there are always numerous ways to execute tasks for what you want to achieve. Easy to get stuck in a rut when there might be a better way. Since I have the Creative Suite CS4, I am transitioning from QuarkXpress to InDesign. I like the handling of pdf creation for print work better from InDesign and also the integration of applications within the suite of applications.

I can’t believe these are free for what you get. CreativeTechs has expanded their training webinars from the original Photoshop course, so you really should have a look at the offerings and dates.

Here is their calendar of webinars/training in progress. Illustrator, Flash and an upcoming Dreamweaver course in Sept. I’m learning Dreamweaver (yeah, one more thing on the plate) so I’ll meet you in the Twitter chatroom in September. 🙂

The other thing in the works is that CreativeTechs is working on a SIX MONTH Photoshop CS4 course. Wow. The benefit of these webinars is that they are live and interactive. Very different than many of the online training videos online. There is interaction with the audience if you want to ask questions about something you saw or didn’t understand. CreativeTechs does offer downloads of all sessions for a nominal charge of $50. (at this time) if you miss a session or want to review coverage. The nominal charge goes up as the series progresses through the weeks. Or you can buy an individual session for $15. I did purchase the sessions and there is also a podcast included that you can dl through iTunes. I often use it when I’m stuck waiting for something. Productivity boost instead of just killing time.

If you go to their calendar that I posted, you’ll note Retouch Tuesdays. This is a great offering if you shoot stock imagery and would like to understand how to retouch your images. Real world examples are used, so extremely practical application.

CreativeTech’s trainers are exceedingly well qualified (Jason Hoppe is Adobe Certified) so expect good stuff presented very logically and accurately.


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I promised myself that this blog wouldn’t get all tooooo personal but there’s a few tidbits here and there.

I’d like to congratulate my friend and colleague, Marilyn Nieves on her recent accomplishment. Mari was interviewed by Photoshop User and her work not only secured the cover spotlight but also garnered a 3 pg. spread interior along with her interview. If you’re a NAPP member, your hardcopy should have arrived by now in your snail mail mailbox. It’s the July/August 2009 edition.

July/August edition

July/August edition

This is an incredible accomplishment and she deserves all the credit for her outstanding work.

I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with Mari. She started out with a Nikon D70 after all! 🙂

I shared some speedlight tips with her early on and she has briefed me with Photoshop guidance. It’s been wonderful to watch her progress as a photographer. Not hard to spot talent early on in her earlier work but even more enjoyable to see her come into her own as she explores her own “style process.”

It’s edgy with of course, perfect composition, where lighting comes in to complement her thinking. Results are always arresting for your attention. You’re not going to bypass without notice. I’d say that’s pretty much a complete package.

If her work makes you say “What’s Next?” so do I with eager anticipation.

Congratulations, Mari. I look forward to more of your home runs.

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I needed to renew my subscription to Rangefinder magazine today so I thought I’d mention it here.
It’s free if you’re shooting professionally and it contains some very useful articles. There’s nothing like curling up with a printed version publication. I do live on the computer too much!

Have a look here. Rangefinder Magazine

You can subscribe by entering your information by using the subscribe link to receive the printed copy in your snail mail. It is printed on good weight stock.

Consider it a “photo op” chance to learn a few things offline.

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Free shipping for one week only on Calumet web and phone orders.

UPS ground. U.S. 48 states. June 23 — 28, 2009. If you have heavy items on your wish list, now’s the time for those heavy rolls of seamless paper or whatnot! No coupon code needed.

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I’m hooked on my iPod Touch. The new OS for the iPhone 3.0 and iPod Touch was released this past week and I bought and installed it. I’m still working with the new features. Copy and paste, wow. Email can now be read in horizontal mode, so easier to type in a response.

DataViz is a longtime developer that I have liked. Many a saved hour using their (MacLink Plus) translators for go betweens in applications and Mac and PC platforms. They are the developers of the Documents to Go application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I’m glad that DataViz has not ignored the Apple user base.

Microsoft Word docs can be created, edited  on your portable device. You can view Excel, PowerPoint, iWork and PDFs. I’m not a huge fan of using Word since i design professionally but the viewing of pdfs is a big thing to me and clients often send me Word and PPT documents.

It’s on sale until June 30 (2 weeks only) at $4.99 in the iTunes store. Check out technical requirements for all.

Check out some of the features here.

Blackberry SmartPhones or Palms aren’t left out. Blackberry free trial download or purchase link is here. Palm OS, Google Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobil are also supported. The software for these devices has been around for 10 years!

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The DSLR Camera Remote for Nikon is coming out in version 1.1 as stated on the 1on1 (Mike Wong) blog. This is an application that enables you to control your DSLR camera with an iPhone or iPod Touch. The discount offer of $9.99 has ended and now the application is selling for full price of $19.99 in the iTunes store.

DSLR Camera Remote

Functionality for Nikon will not happen until version 1.1. I don’t think that any Nikon users purchased the 1.0 version since it was only for Canon. I know that I wouldn’t buy an application in advance that wouldn’t allow me to use it with my present equipment. Particularly since no release date for Nikon was mentioned when the Canon version came out. Please listen to your potential user base, OnOne. This is a great technological advancement and worthy application you’ve got. Don’t make Nikon shooters take a back seat. It looks like version 1.1 is about a month away.

A one day window to buy version 1.0 for a free update to 1.1 for the Nikon version was announced by Mike on the One onOne blog on 6/11/09 before the discount ended on 6/12/09. A one day notice isn’t particularly generous to those Nikon shooters anxiously waiting for the release that will work with their camera bodies.

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For those of you who need to see things in person, there are many classses available. Calumet has an Events listing if you happen to live near one of their store locations.


There’s about 10 brick and mortar locations in the U.S. Cambridge, MA, Phila. PA, New York, NY, Chicago, IL and a bunch in CA. Some are free 2 hour sessions or fee paid classes. I spotted a 2 hour one on Nikon speedlights at the San Diego CA location. A portable lighting seminar at the NYC location. Start inside and then go outside to shoot. RAW workflow, Lightroom, portrait techniques… many good choices for all.

B&H also offers classes at the brick and mortar store in NYC.


The Big Apple has the cachet to draw some biggie names. Looks like Rick Sammon is conducting a High Dynamic Range session.

If you’re content to sit in front of your computer, B&H has a series of free videos to view. Everything from creating low key lighting, equipment demos to software demos. You can even learn how to fold up that stubborn reflector!

Video/podcasts here

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