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I stumbled upon what I assumed to be a good bargain last week. I knew about Thom Hogan’s “The Nikon Flash Guide” — The Definitive Speedlight Reference years back, but it was out of print. I found a pristine unused copy in a camera store in the clearance bin for 50% off original retail of $19.95. Ten bucks to me. I snatched it up without a second thought.

2001 published date?

So why would you want to buy an old Nikon speedlight reference book? Consider that Nikon speedlights are great flashes and that so many are still in operation today. Even Canon Strobists have driven up the used market on the older Nikon speedlights. The book covers Nikon’s speedlights from the SB1 up to the SB29. These are all the speedlights that proceeded the SB800. While you may ferret one out of craigslist or eBay, just try to find the manual with the specs and operating information with your deal. This reference includes Guide Numbers and all the details. Not to mention some sound theory on flash technique.

I’ve wanted this book for some time but wasn’t willing to pay $55—$75 in the used market for it. LOL, Amazon even has a used copy for $283.73 if you’re feeling ostentatious and flush. I’m thrilled with my $10. bargain. It’s going to make my SB24 sing. Things are only meaningful if you know what to do with them.


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