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There’s a new Capture NX2 software update out for Mac users.

update Capture NX 2.2.4

You will need to have NX2 previously installed in order to update it. Support for Mac OSX v. 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard) and a few other bug fixes are addressed.


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It’s a great day. I’m happy to hit a milestone in my stock shooting. 100,000 sales of my images on istockphoto.com. It’s been a long journey and it will continue. Stock can be unassumingly boring, but sometimes, there is the opportunity to work within creative confines to make things happen. That can be an underlying framework  that spurs you on.

It isn’t what’s there, it’s how you see and shape it.

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I have been sitting in on the Creative Techs training classes of different topics for a while. I’ve mentioned it in previous blog posts.

Jason Hoppe is running the 6 Month Photoshop Master class currently in its 17th week.  The classes are free when attended live. Downloads by single and series are available at an incredible discount if you can’t sit through all of them. A lot to choose from, not just Photoshop. Building an iPhone application, Flash, Design software needs. If you’re shooting stock, have a look at the Retouch Live Thursday class.

Have a look at their list for 2010. Some of them are currently underway. Sign up to get notifications before the class starts and to attend.


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There is a D700 firmware update out.  It’s version A/B 1.0.2 If you haven’t updated your firmware in your camera body, it’s fairly easy. Just follow the instructions carefully. Check the menu button on your camera body and select Firmware Version from the setup menu to see the current installed version. Nikon requires that you use a card reader (you should be using one anyway) and not a USB connected body. It was previously more complicated when they had you insert/format the CF card twice to update in two steps. It’s been rolled into one so much easier now. Make sure you have a fully charged battery installed.

Firmware update D700 A/B 1.0.2 HERE

Auto white balance has been improved, and I’m happy to see that they fixed the focus point selection when you use the AF-ON button. They also fixed viewing the focus point after shooting continuous burst mode in playback mode. I use the AF-ON button for auto focus instead of the shutter press when shooting and often shoot in Continuous Mode. Glad to see this fix. I’m not running out to buy 64GB CF cards but that support is also included in this update. I’m curious to see the Auto White Balance tweak.

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