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It is not a requirement in royalty free licensing to notify or inform the photographer of the usage, but I’m always heartened to discover how my images have been used. Why? Simply because it’s a form of validation for my original intentions to make the image available for royalty free licensing. All photographers have intentions or vision when they shoot. This is particularly true when shooting for stock. If it’s unclear in depiction, you’re not communicating to your audience. Therefore, no sale.

In this case, the original intention was to make the image appeal to an audience for professional Black women to suggest a usage. As an aside, it would also promote what I feel is an underserved segment of the population in the U.S.

Designers are busy people. Most live by deadline. If they were required to report every image usage, they wouldn’t get any work done. I’m happy to report that the bulk of the In Uses I hear about happen through my models and people who know my work, so it’s very much appreciated when I see how an image was used. I’m fine with that. I also don’t have the time to Google for them. Assuming at best that they are found useful to those that need them.

Here’s an In Use discovered by one of my models. Looks like my original intentions were validated.

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The political wheels are churning away with the upcoming elections in November.

Stock photography is meant to be used. But royalty free usage has no requirements for the buyer to inform the photographer how and where the image was used. Many designers would not have time to get their work done if they had to notify the photographer every time they used an image.  Most of the pros understand this on both sides. Hopefully, the usage is ubiquitous so your friends and colleagues have no choice in letting you know.

This direct mail usage was found by my friend, Sandy in NJ. One of the other uses of the same image was also spotted by a friend in Michigan. It was also used for a political campaign. LOL, it’s a good way to show things without using a specific face. That’s stock for sure.

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