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Yes, I am also on Canon’s email list (The PowerShot S95 is my pocket camera) so it’s only fair to post that they also have rebates going on this time of year.

Canon Rebates

Looks like they have more lenses that are standalone purchases on rebate. These aren’t instant rebates like Nikon—download the pdf and note that some dates vary for eligibility.


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Nikon Rebates are On

‘Tis the season. Nikon Instant Rebates are on. Here’s a view of them at B&H.

Nikon Rebates 2010

I do see bodies and a lot of kit bundles, but the only lenses are Tammy’s (Tamron) if purchased standalone. Make sure you note the dates on specific purchases. Some are only until 11/27 and others are 12/31.

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This type of news always makes me go hmmmmmmm despite periodic Nikon Instant Rebates that go into effect. There is a tendency of Nikon to offer rebates on merchandise before the release of a new model. There hasn’t been much in the Pro lineup releases for a while. Rumors are squashing a D700 replacement. The D700 will be two years old this summer.

Here are some instant rebates available from Calumet on Nikon products.

Bundled Rebates are available from B&H. $400. off a combo kit D700 and a Nikkor 70-200mm f/w.8 G AF-S ED VRII (until May 1)

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Nikon rebates end in a week. If you haven’t laid hands on a D300 or D700  by now, maybe time to push the economy forward with a purchase.

Get that body at a discount if you’ve been waiting. Rebates end March 28.

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