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In reference to an earlier post here, DSLR Remote version 1.1 has now been approved by Apple and is available for download in the iTunes store.

Mike Wong’s blog post for OnOne Software about it.

This is support for Nikon cameras! It was previously released for Canon shooters. What is it? It enables your iPhone or iPod Touch to function as a remote control for your camera body. It utilizes wireless network connectivity but your camera body must be tethered to a laptop for it to function.

$19.99. Still a bit of a burn since Canon users had months to buy in at intro price of $9.99 for version 1.0. They upgrade for free to version 1.1. Nikon users will need to shell out the full freight for it without an intro price offer. This is to my chagrin. I will wait a bit before I bite because this is a useful piece of software if you have the right hardware like a laptop, wireless network available and an iPhone or iPod Touch.


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I have other posts coming, but thought I’d post this because it’s very current. Blessed by Apple on 5/28/09 for availability in the iTunes Store. Canon users who use iPhones or the iPod Touch are very lucky because they have the opportunity to play with technology before Nikon users.

What is it?

It’s OnOne Software’s DSLR Camera Remote for the iPhone or iPod Touch that has been released for the Canon EOS DSLR line. The current intro price in the iTunes store is $9.95 but I’m betting that they will get the full standard $19.95 when it goes off sale.


Besides firing your camera remotely, you can

Remotely control the camera settings like

  • shutter-speed, aperture, white-balance and more
  • View images saved on the camera from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Create a Watched Folder in Lightroom and have the images go right into Lightroom!

I believe you need a laptop or desktop running their free Remote server software, but this is just waaaaaay too cool to ignore if you shoot digital. The marriages in technology are amazing. When they get around to pumping out a Nikon version, I’m game. My MacBook and iPod Touch await the arrival.

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