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Radiopoppers is finally releasing RPCube. This has been eagerly anticipated for months. Many Nikon users built their own hacks because they couldn’t wait. The RPCube will allow you to control the power to your flashes and strobes wirelessly. The amount of remote triggering devices has expanded quite a bit since the very early releases of Pocket Wizards. Of course, if you shoot Nikon, you are likely to use CLS (Creative Lighting System) and AWS (Advanced Wireless System). Particularly true since it functions well and it’s built in to most of Nikon’s cameras that have a built in speedlight or using their speedlights in conjunction with a master (built into some speedlights or the SU800 controller).

Why would you want to use a remote control triggering device if you had it built into your Nikon body and speedlights? Distance. Nikon’s CLS is limited to 66 feet and line of sight often plays a role. You can extend that range by a lot if you use 3rd party devices to trigger your remote speedlights.  Radiopopper says their range is between 300—175o feet. There is also a reliability factor since Nikon’s system uses a different method of transmission that has a basis in IR technology. Radiopopper uses radio wave tech.

The RPCube should be available today 1PM PST. $29.95. It was announced by email.


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