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Nikon Adds the all new D4

I couldn’t allow the time to slip away without mentioning Nikon’s announcement of their new D4 body last week.  It’s a beauty. Finally, a larger sensor format at 16.2 megapixels with thaD4 bodyt venerable high ISO performance in Nikon’s lineup.

Here’s the link to Nikon’s official press release on the bells and whistles. New sensor, new color matrix meter—may mean that Nikon is going to lay claim to being the low light champ with increased MP size at the top of the heap. Considering how difficult it is to a have larger capture size being noise free without making other sacrifices, I marvel at their efforts.

Some of the pundits were confused by the timing of the release, but I’m not. It makes perfect sense that Nikon would release this for pros in time for the Winter Olympics. I was concerned that the earthquake/tsunami in 2011 would really set back some of their FX body releases. This is a very positive sign that Nikon is not asleep with just repurposed goods like that “new” SB-910 speedlight.

This doesn’t mean that I’m ready to plop down $6,000 USD to order mine in advance (they should begin shipping in Feb.) It’s too large for my needs which is why I passed on the initial release of the D3 when it came out and was happy when the D700 popped a year later. What it does mean is that we can now all freely begin to speculate on an eventual D800 body release with greater certainty that Nikon has finally figured out how to break that 12MP noise ceiling for performance. I hope the lighted buttons feature filters down to the D800. It’s been 3 years and counting since the D700 release. What’s another year?


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