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NAPP is launching their first Special training event with webcasts for a week on the Creative Suite 6.

CS6 Live

Looks like it’s free and live to the public for this week only. After this week, you’ll have to be a NAPP member and sign on to the NAPP website to view. Since I considered the CS 5.5 upgrade ho hum (I didn’t bother), I’m interested to see something substantial in the way of the upgrade to CS6. The Creative Suite is no drop in the bucket financially. I’d want to see Illustrator beefed up somehow. Acrobat Pro too. Photoshop was definitely punched up. InDesign adds liquid layouts so designers can repurpose content more easily. Dreamweaver has been boosted, but I don’t think I will be using some of their tools like the developers drool over. Adobe is pushing the envelope with their new Creative Cloud subscription service. Ouch, introductory pricing is $30. USD a month discounted for existing owners ? That’s $360 for a one-year plan.  If you go month to month, it jacks up to $75.

Can Adobe improve upon their industry standard tools? Guess we’ll see.


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I’ve had the OnOne Software Photo Suite for some time. They do offer tutorials on their website.

Now, OnOne University is now offering the podcast tutorials for free on iTunes. Here’s the list of tutorials in iTunes. If you currently use OnOne’s applications or interested in purchasing, have a look over the list.

I’m loading up a few of these onto my iPhone. Thanks OnOne!

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Nothing like timing. Peachpit Press is offering the Taking Stock: Make money in microstock creating photos that sell as an eBook for $9.99. It’s their eBook Deal of the Week so a limited time for the sale. It’s normally $23.99.

The real deal is here.

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I am happy to announce two stock books that have recently published. Some of my own words appear in both of them as a response to aTaking Stock FCgree to interview questions for content inclusion. Both books are pertinent to the stock photo industry and would be a great addition to your reading material if you shoot stock or even have the idea to shoot for the stock industry. I have great respect for both authors: Rob Sylvan and Lawrence Sawyer.

I don’t have my hardcopies yet, but I assure you that the material inside is worth a read since both authors have experience in the industry to make it worth your while.

Taking Stock by Rob Sylvan

See It, Shoot It, Sell It! by Lawrence Sawyer

I must agree that today’s photographer needs to understand and know a lot more than using the equipment. The common fallacy that pushing a button and the camera “taking the picture” is easily misleading for the uninformed. Microstock is no longer in its infancy so read the latest information that you can lay your hands on. An edge is an edge if you do your homework. 😉

Congratulations to Rob and Larry. It’s in print!

Both books are available for order online at their respective links that I listed.

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Spring has sprung and looks like Jason Odell has too in launching his offerings of Spring Webinars for Capture NX2. You do need to attend live, and I don’t think he’s offering a download for the course. Jason handles the broadcasting of The Image Doctors for Nikonians. The guy knows his stuff.


I purchased his ebook, The Photographer’s Guide to Capture NX in pdf format. Capture NX does take some time to learn and it is helpful to have a guide to learn. Capture NX is Nikon’s proprietary software used for conversion of RAW files (NEF) and postprocessing. There are other applications such as Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom that enable you to convert NEF files to workable product such as tif, psd, and jpg.

There are some paperback books available too. Real World Capture NX2 by Ben Long. Nikon Capture NX2 After the Shoot by Mike Hagen. Will Capture NX2 replace Photoshop? Not really. Despite the healing tool and other features that you’d find in Photoshop, you will need an application that would allow you different types of tweaking such as removing logos. CNX2 is not a replacement for Photoshop on the back end.

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I have been sitting in on the Creative Techs training classes of different topics for a while. I’ve mentioned it in previous blog posts.

Jason Hoppe is running the 6 Month Photoshop Master class currently in its 17th week.  The classes are free when attended live. Downloads by single and series are available at an incredible discount if you can’t sit through all of them. A lot to choose from, not just Photoshop. Building an iPhone application, Flash, Design software needs. If you’re shooting stock, have a look at the Retouch Live Thursday class.

Have a look at their list for 2010. Some of them are currently underway. Sign up to get notifications before the class starts and to attend.


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I’ve been a fan of CreativeTechs since their first free webinar on Photoshop (Feb.’09) and I have posted information about their free classes on my blog. They have expanded their courses by a lot. Not just about the software but more. It is nice to see this taking off. Kudos to Craig Swanson and Jason Hoppe. Craig listens to his audience to shape the class offerings. Suggest a class here!

There is an upcoming 5 week studio lighting course. Rosanne Olson is the instructor. There’s also a watercolor painting class Dec. 18. The expanded courses even include one for building iPhone applications (currently in session as of this writing—class 3 is Dec.15) and a Photoshop scrapbooking course. If you’re shooting stock, you should sit in on their RetouchLIVE Thursdays. Live demonstrations of how to tweak your images. Jason Hoppe, who is Adobe Certified, conducts this one. He’s an entertaining presenter and Photoshop guru. Images are emailed to Jason for consideration to use in the class so this is real world, hands on usage. Pragmatic! If you think you know it all, I think you will be in store for some nice surprises.

Sign up so you will be notified by email when the class begins. Certain classes draw a large audience so you may want to sign up early. It is the real deal that the classes are free and they are live. If you’re a busy person and think that you may miss a class, you can purchase a single class or get the entire course in download form for nominal prices.

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