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istockphoto.com turns 10 years old April 7, 2010. istockphoto is the leading microstock agency that provides stock content to a vast bunch of users. That content includes photos, vector illustrations, flash bits, video clips, audio and who else knows what will be offered?

istockphoto was originally known as the Designer’s Dirty Little Secret. I first discovered istock in 2002 when I was shopping for some imagery for a brochure that I was designing. I couldn’t believe that they were selling 300 dpi images for five cents a download. I didn’t find what I was looking for so I skipped off. I passed the contributor’s test a year later when I returned to look for more imagery. Bruce Livingstone, the founder of istockphoto, was the one approving new contributor apps. It didn’t dawn on me until late 2003 that I might be able to contribute stock imagery and exchange my earned credits to download what I needed for my design work. That started the ball rolling in early 2004 as I began to upload my imagery. Years have passed. Getty Images now owns istock. OMG. The garage upstart has gone mainstream. Thanks Bruce for all the encouragement and allowing so many to follow their dream by your example.

Happy Birthday, istock!

Join in the festivities to see what giveaways are happening here. Follow istock on Twitter for a chance to win some prizes. 24 hours of madness with a prize an hour.

LOL, if I ever won a Canon camera body, that would force me to dip my toe in the other camp~


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I think CreativeTechs has done a wonderful job by offering free live broadcast classes. I did take the 6 month Photoshop mega course with Jason Hoppe.

CreativeTechs is not sitting still. For those of you who want to learn more about digital photography, there is a new course starting tomorrow. This is an updated edition of a class that has run before.

Fundamentals of Digital Photography with John Greengo SIGN up here.

It’s free. The real deal. If you’re afraid that you’ll be missing the free online sessions, you always have the chance to buy the entire set for a nominal fee.

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Shun the Nonbelievers

Nikon is not one to disappoint. I predicted this earlier this year. Many did. So if it’s being smug or happy or both, I am. Looks like I hit it right on almost every mark. Release before the end of 2008, D3x name designation, MP size at 24 and also the price point at $7999.95 Well, I did say eight thousand as a nice round number. Give me credit for the nickel. My primarily speculation was FX or DX sensor. It’s FX, btw. Wondering aloud if this is an indicator of Nikon’s commitment to FX on the high end? Glad that I don’t have a gaggle of DX lenses to sell on eBay. I began buying lenses that would work with FX five years ago long before the release of an FX sensor. Pro glass is expensive, but it outlasts bodies in value. No regrets from me for the 17-55mm DX  that I resisted.

Nikon has just announced the D3x. What is to be the flagship of their current lineup. I grant you that the pundits and engineering types will be looking at this more closely in field tests as it makes its way into the pool after shipping. With Nikon’s more aggressive efforts to broaden their lineup and 6 months between some major releases, I’m not one bit surprised. This is grand to see. Seems that they are no longer content to wait 3 years between major releases. Also, not just repurposing their sensors but upgrading other items as they go.


Where’s the video mode? They may feel that it’s not wanted by those using that body for the demands of quality. Granted, so many are multi disciplined in several areas today, but this is not going to be designated as a consumer or even prosumer camera. Someone who is shooting high quality video would likely bypass DSLR body combos in favor of a dedicated unit for video. They are going to be discerning moreso than a stills photographer. This doesn’t mean that the consumer audience won’t want something to sweeten the pot, but that doesn’t make the decision for the manufactuer.


In retrospect, 2008 has been an incredible year in choices that Nikon has given buyers. SB900 speedlight, D700, D90 and the D3x. All have been groundbreaking in their own right. I remain conservative in spending since the financial forecasters are spewing that 2009 will bring things other than new camera bodies. That doesn’t mean that I won’t buy it, but it does mean that I’ll be cheering from the sidelines for those that do. Nikon—confuse me with choices! 🙂

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