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NAPP is launching their first Special training event with webcasts for a week on the Creative Suite 6.

CS6 Live

Looks like it’s free and live to the public for this week only. After this week, you’ll have to be a NAPP member and sign on to the NAPP website to view. Since I considered the CS 5.5 upgrade ho hum (I didn’t bother), I’m interested to see something substantial in the way of the upgrade to CS6. The Creative Suite is no drop in the bucket financially. I’d want to see Illustrator beefed up somehow. Acrobat Pro too. Photoshop was definitely punched up. InDesign adds liquid layouts so designers can repurpose content more easily. Dreamweaver has been boosted, but I don’t think I will be using some of their tools like the developers drool over. Adobe is pushing the envelope with their new Creative Cloud subscription service. Ouch, introductory pricing is $30. USD a month discounted for existing owners ? That’s $360 for a one-year plan.  If you go month to month, it jacks up to $75.

Can Adobe improve upon their industry standard tools? Guess we’ll see.


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I’ve had the OnOne Software Photo Suite for some time. They do offer tutorials on their website.

Now, OnOne University is now offering the podcast tutorials for free on iTunes. Here’s the list of tutorials in iTunes. If you currently use OnOne’s applications or interested in purchasing, have a look over the list.

I’m loading up a few of these onto my iPhone. Thanks OnOne!

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Black Jack font—free

I was browsing Techworld for some information and noticed their list of the Top 10 Best Free Downloads of 2010.

Much to my surprise is that #2 on the list was a font! It’s the Black Jack font designed by Typadelic — Ronna Penner. It’s a handwriting type face. Good for personalization touches. Thank you!

I skipped on over to MyFonts.com for my copy. You will need to register in order to download and agree to the licensing terms. It’s also available on Typadelic’s site. Here.

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CreativePro.com is running a giveaway to win a copy of Photoshop CS5 Extended plus a book 3D in Photoshop to show you exactly how to use the 3D features of PSCS5 Extended. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended retails for $999 US. Nice prizes. Entry is free.

You do need to be a member of CreativePro.com but it’s easy to sign up and doesn’t cost anything. I like CreativePro.com because they cover Photography, Design, Fonts in content along with a lot of other areas such as Business, Hardware, Print and Web. Terri Stone’s (Editor in Chief) management of articles is always thought provoking.

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Nikonians never sleep. I’d suggest you sign on for a membership. They recently released a free iPhone application called Good Locations that will allow iPhone users to take a location shot that will transfer the the info and directions to the location via Google Maps via GPS technology.

Sharing good locations with other shooters is an interesting piece of technology. The image, along with the data/location goes right into the Nikonians forum.

Good Locations is available in the iTunes store and it’s free to nikonians.org members.

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I have been sitting in on the Creative Techs training classes of different topics for a while. I’ve mentioned it in previous blog posts.

Jason Hoppe is running the 6 Month Photoshop Master class currently in its 17th week.  The classes are free when attended live. Downloads by single and series are available at an incredible discount if you can’t sit through all of them. A lot to choose from, not just Photoshop. Building an iPhone application, Flash, Design software needs. If you’re shooting stock, have a look at the Retouch Live Thursday class.

Have a look at their list for 2010. Some of them are currently underway. Sign up to get notifications before the class starts and to attend.


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I mentioned in a previous post about PicScout’s ImageExchange tool. I was approved to download and install but I was busy. They bugged me via email to install so I did.

Wow I’m impressed. I dropped into Google Images to check it out.  Did a search for Christmas Tree and a bunch of images cropped up. There is an “I” icon/logo that appears in your toolbar (as active and working) and next to the image if it is in the registry. You have the option of clicking on the “I” in the Google search results or clicking directly on the image. I clicked on the image itself and it took me right into Flickr. I could see that the image was on Flickr, the maker and copyright information, rights usage. It was free to use with restrictions that it not be used for commercial purposes.

If you buy or use images, I think this is a good way to find them along with the data needed to license or use. It’s also a boon to those of you who post images on Flickr among other places where they are displayed for purchase of licensing. Creative Commons licensing is common on Flickr but if you wanted to license from the photographer, there may be options. Dreamstime images are also showing up in the Google Images searches with a “License Now” that takes you right into Dreamstime’s website.

It’s a Firefox 3 add on to your toolbar. Mac or PC. It’s free (you need approval from PicScout to download/use) and it’s in Beta at this time.

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