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Nothing like timing. Peachpit Press is offering the Taking Stock: Make money in microstock creating photos that sell as an eBook for $9.99. It’s their eBook Deal of the Week so a limited time for the sale. It’s normally $23.99.

The real deal is here.


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I am happy to announce two stock books that have recently published. Some of my own words appear in both of them as a response to aTaking Stock FCgree to interview questions for content inclusion. Both books are pertinent to the stock photo industry and would be a great addition to your reading material if you shoot stock or even have the idea to shoot for the stock industry. I have great respect for both authors: Rob Sylvan and Lawrence Sawyer.

I don’t have my hardcopies yet, but I assure you that the material inside is worth a read since both authors have experience in the industry to make it worth your while.

Taking Stock by Rob Sylvan

See It, Shoot It, Sell It! by Lawrence Sawyer

I must agree that today’s photographer needs to understand and know a lot more than using the equipment. The common fallacy that pushing a button and the camera “taking the picture” is easily misleading for the uninformed. Microstock is no longer in its infancy so read the latest information that you can lay your hands on. An edge is an edge if you do your homework. 😉

Congratulations to Rob and Larry. It’s in print!

Both books are available for order online at their respective links that I listed.

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