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The Lightroom 3.4 update was just released by Adobe. There’s also an update to Camera Raw (and DNG converter) to version 6.4.

The new Lightroom update includes support for several new camera bodies and corrections/fixes to 3.3. If you’re one to think “Well, I don’t need this because my camera model is already supported,” I would think again because some of the bugs fixed problems in the Publishing module. The Publish module had expanded to include publishing via direct export out of Lightroom to Flickr, SmugMug as well as Facebook.

If you were using a Nikon D7000 or Pentax K-5 with RAW capture and multi-exposure, there was a magenta color cast that was fixed. There’s a host of other bugs fixed so it may be worth your time to update. Everything isn’t user error generated.

Here’s the download link to both updates.


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I bit the bullet recently since Verizon has made the iPhone available to subscribers. I’m finding good use for my iPhone. I’ve used my iPod Touch for years to hold images to share. iPads are being used as digital portfolios for photographers and designers. It’s not uncommon for users to own more than one iDevice today.

Terry White covers all the bases whether you have one or several iDevices. Have a look at his Adobe TV tutorial that shows you how to sync your iDevice with Lightroom images using Lightroom 3’s Publishing Services module. Export to your Hard Drive and then sync it up using iTunes.

Most pros aren’t using iPhoto as their application of choice for post processing and handling of digital asset management. Do we really need all these applications? Goodbye, iPhoto!

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