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In reference to an earlier post here, DSLR Remote version 1.1 has now been approved by Apple and is available for download in the iTunes store.

Mike Wong’s blog post for OnOne Software about it.

This is support for Nikon cameras! It was previously released for Canon shooters. What is it? It enables your iPhone or iPod Touch to function as a remote control for your camera body. It utilizes wireless network connectivity but your camera body must be tethered to a laptop for it to function.

$19.99. Still a bit of a burn since Canon users had months to buy in at intro price of $9.99 for version 1.0. They upgrade for free to version 1.1. Nikon users will need to shell out the full freight for it without an intro price offer. This is to my chagrin. I will wait a bit before I bite because this is a useful piece of software if you have the right hardware like a laptop, wireless network available and an iPhone or iPod Touch.


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The Radiopopper JrX models are shipping on Monday, August 24. Radiopoppers has them in their store.

This is a mixed bag to be controlling mulitple units such as strobes and speedlights firing at the same time. I have no idea how the color temperatures will be consistent between speedlights and studio strobes. However, to be able to control even manual flash from the camera position as well as using eTTL or iTTL is a good piece of technology.

LOL, of course their pitches are heavily geared towards Canon shooters since Nikon’s CLS system works very well. I will say that the price is right, the units are much smaller than Pocket Wizards, and I like the idea of wireless triggering that extends the distance and doesn’t operate on line-of-sight.

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I got together with a group of istockers in my region a little over a week ago. It was tremendous fun to work together with other photographers in a group. I’ve done some shooting with them before and made a few new friends with locals from the region. Everyone is excited to get together again. One of the shots from our group shoot has made Image of the Week on istockphoto.com this week. Congratulations to Dave Coleman.

I spun a brief demo of speedlight set ups in between the morning and afternoon sessions. We were all using monobloc lights for studio shooting, but I did demonstrate the use of a Westcott Apollo softbox that I’ve been using on my multiple speedlight shoots. The Apollo has worked out well for me. You can use it two ways to diffuse the light. 1) point the speedlight forward and 2) aim it backward to bounce off the back of the box for additional diffusion. My preference is to bounce it inside the box.

Here’s a sample shot of Kristina. LOL, she was not one of the models present for the shoot but could have easily fooled me. The hint of the vignette was added in Lightroom.


The Westcott Apollo operates similar to a brolly in that it’s a collapsible umbrella type softbox but square. It is not a rectangular shape but more square. The coverage is good though and I’ve also used it to feather the light by angling it. This is more difficult to do with a shoot through or bounce umbrella due to the scattering of the light and let’s face it, control of the light is something all photographers desire. Taking a small light source and broadening it with diffusion is much better than going at it with direct flash. It can be used as a key light or fill in tandem with other speedlights. Your choice. It’s larger than the Chimera Maxi that I wrote about earlier on this blog so the coverage is better. Since it folds up like an umbrella, a good choice for portability with a speedlight kit.

Thanks, Kristina for posing! Good luck with those speedlights. 🙂

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If you’ve signed up for any of the free CreativeTechs courses that I mentioned here on my blog, you’ll understand that these are great courses.The expertise in the instructors is very sound. I’ve taken the Photoshop and InDesign courses.

They will be running a free Lightroom course for those of you who who are using or planning on using Adobe Lightroom for your post processing and digital asset management application. Lightroom is a great application, but the extension of the functionality is tremendous with 3rd party plug-ins and presets. I use Nikon Capture NX 2 in addition to Lightroom since I find that the conversion of RAW files is often more accurate in my taste for color.

Here’s the link to the free Lightroom course HERE.

CreativeTechs is not only offering a Lightroom course for FREE, but there are a pile of other courses in Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Digital Photography being offered coming in Sept.

Here’s their calendar. Sign up now. The Photoshop free course is a MEGA since it runs for 6 months.

They are just finishing up their Illustrator course but there’s 5 sessions left in their Flash course at this time. CreativeTechs live webinar format for their training is unlike static video tutorial viewing. The courses are free but they do offer downloads if you miss one or find it handy to review the sessions. Downloads are at a very modest course. Often, in the beginning of the sessions, they start at $50. for the entire series (often 10 sessions in a series). This also includes a pdf handout along with the video. You can subscribe to the podcast versions in iTunes too!

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