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I bit the bullet recently since Verizon has made the iPhone available to subscribers. I’m finding good use for my iPhone. I’ve used my iPod Touch for years to hold images to share. iPads are being used as digital portfolios for photographers and designers. It’s not uncommon for users to own more than one iDevice today.

Terry White covers all the bases whether you have one or several iDevices. Have a look at his Adobe TV tutorial that shows you how to sync your iDevice with Lightroom images using Lightroom 3’s Publishing Services module. Export to your Hard Drive and then sync it up using iTunes.

Most pros aren’t using iPhoto as their application of choice for post processing and handling of digital asset management. Do we really need all these applications? Goodbye, iPhoto!

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Apple lost the battle today. It’s open season for the developers of apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Library of Congress has ruled that Apple can no longer keep the application business proprietary. It was very clear that Apple warned the owners that warranty would be void if the iPhone or iPod was jailbroken=running non-approved applications bought outside the iTunes Store on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

An addendum to this is that exception was granted for owners to unlock their iPhone so that it is no longer limited to one carrier. That means we may have our choice of carrier beyond AT&T.

I had previously declined to have a friend jailbreak my iPod Touch… but it would probably still void the warranty. What to do?

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I mentioned OnOne Software’s DSLR remote on this blog last June. They originally released only the Canon version and followed up with the Nikon version months later. Mike Wong tweeted a series of codes that were redeemable for a FREE DSLR Remote PRO application available through the iTunes store.

This was the real deal because I used a code and got my app from iTunes. There is also a Lite version out. You might want to make it a point to follow Mike on Twitter. They are also planning to add iPad support!


Thank you, Mike and OnOne Software. I look forward to using DSLR Camera Remote.

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In reference to an earlier post here, DSLR Remote version 1.1 has now been approved by Apple and is available for download in the iTunes store.

Mike Wong’s blog post for OnOne Software about it.

This is support for Nikon cameras! It was previously released for Canon shooters. What is it? It enables your iPhone or iPod Touch to function as a remote control for your camera body. It utilizes wireless network connectivity but your camera body must be tethered to a laptop for it to function.

$19.99. Still a bit of a burn since Canon users had months to buy in at intro price of $9.99 for version 1.0. They upgrade for free to version 1.1. Nikon users will need to shell out the full freight for it without an intro price offer. This is to my chagrin. I will wait a bit before I bite because this is a useful piece of software if you have the right hardware like a laptop, wireless network available and an iPhone or iPod Touch.

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I’m hooked on my iPod Touch. The new OS for the iPhone 3.0 and iPod Touch was released this past week and I bought and installed it. I’m still working with the new features. Copy and paste, wow. Email can now be read in horizontal mode, so easier to type in a response.

DataViz is a longtime developer that I have liked. Many a saved hour using their (MacLink Plus) translators for go betweens in applications and Mac and PC platforms. They are the developers of the Documents to Go application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I’m glad that DataViz has not ignored the Apple user base.

Microsoft Word docs can be created, edited  on your portable device. You can view Excel, PowerPoint, iWork and PDFs. I’m not a huge fan of using Word since i design professionally but the viewing of pdfs is a big thing to me and clients often send me Word and PPT documents.

It’s on sale until June 30 (2 weeks only) at $4.99 in the iTunes store. Check out technical requirements for all.

Check out some of the features here.

Blackberry SmartPhones or Palms aren’t left out. Blackberry free trial download or purchase link is here. Palm OS, Google Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobil are also supported. The software for these devices has been around for 10 years!

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The DSLR Camera Remote for Nikon is coming out in version 1.1 as stated on the 1on1 (Mike Wong) blog. This is an application that enables you to control your DSLR camera with an iPhone or iPod Touch. The discount offer of $9.99 has ended and now the application is selling for full price of $19.99 in the iTunes store.

DSLR Camera Remote

Functionality for Nikon will not happen until version 1.1. I don’t think that any Nikon users purchased the 1.0 version since it was only for Canon. I know that I wouldn’t buy an application in advance that wouldn’t allow me to use it with my present equipment. Particularly since no release date for Nikon was mentioned when the Canon version came out. Please listen to your potential user base, OnOne. This is a great technological advancement and worthy application you’ve got. Don’t make Nikon shooters take a back seat. It looks like version 1.1 is about a month away.

A one day window to buy version 1.0 for a free update to 1.1 for the Nikon version was announced by Mike on the One onOne blog on 6/11/09 before the discount ended on 6/12/09. A one day notice isn’t particularly generous to those Nikon shooters anxiously waiting for the release that will work with their camera bodies.

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I have other posts coming, but thought I’d post this because it’s very current. Blessed by Apple on 5/28/09 for availability in the iTunes Store. Canon users who use iPhones or the iPod Touch are very lucky because they have the opportunity to play with technology before Nikon users.

What is it?

It’s OnOne Software’s DSLR Camera Remote for the iPhone or iPod Touch that has been released for the Canon EOS DSLR line. The current intro price in the iTunes store is $9.95 but I’m betting that they will get the full standard $19.95 when it goes off sale.


Besides firing your camera remotely, you can

Remotely control the camera settings like

  • shutter-speed, aperture, white-balance and more
  • View images saved on the camera from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Create a Watched Folder in Lightroom and have the images go right into Lightroom!

I believe you need a laptop or desktop running their free Remote server software, but this is just waaaaaay too cool to ignore if you shoot digital. The marriages in technology are amazing. When they get around to pumping out a Nikon version, I’m game. My MacBook and iPod Touch await the arrival.

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I adore my iPod Touch. There’s a great handy application called Photo Calc that I have for photography. Exposure calculations for flash, reciprocity calculations (changing f/stop or aperture for equivalent same exposure), Zone system, sunrise and sunset times (according to my zip code), depth of field and hyperfocal distance calculator. I also keep some of my images loaded up on my iPod Touch. Good marketing tool.

Developer here

Apple currently has a good deal for college students (currently enrolled or entering college this fall). Buy a Mac and get a free iPod Touch. Must buy together at same time and be on same receipt. $229. rebate (price of the 8GB iPod Touch). Read the fine print to see if you qualify.

May 27, 2009, through September 8, 2009 and receive a rebate up to $229.

Current Apple Rebates

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