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I am happy to announce two stock books that have recently published. Some of my own words appear in both of them as a response to aTaking Stock FCgree to interview questions for content inclusion. Both books are pertinent to the stock photo industry and would be a great addition to your reading material if you shoot stock or even have the idea to shoot for the stock industry. I have great respect for both authors: Rob Sylvan and Lawrence Sawyer.

I don’t have my hardcopies yet, but I assure you that the material inside is worth a read since both authors have experience in the industry to make it worth your while.

Taking Stock by Rob Sylvan

See It, Shoot It, Sell It! by Lawrence Sawyer

I must agree that today’s photographer needs to understand and know a lot more than using the equipment. The common fallacy that pushing a button and the camera “taking the picture” is easily misleading for the uninformed. Microstock is no longer in its infancy so read the latest information that you can lay your hands on. An edge is an edge if you do your homework. 😉

Congratulations to Rob and Larry. It’s in print!

Both books are available for order online at their respective links that I listed.


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Spring has sprung and looks like Jason Odell has too in launching his offerings of Spring Webinars for Capture NX2. You do need to attend live, and I don’t think he’s offering a download for the course. Jason handles the broadcasting of The Image Doctors for Nikonians. The guy knows his stuff.


I purchased his ebook, The Photographer’s Guide to Capture NX in pdf format. Capture NX does take some time to learn and it is helpful to have a guide to learn. Capture NX is Nikon’s proprietary software used for conversion of RAW files (NEF) and postprocessing. There are other applications such as Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom that enable you to convert NEF files to workable product such as tif, psd, and jpg.

There are some paperback books available too. Real World Capture NX2 by Ben Long. Nikon Capture NX2 After the Shoot by Mike Hagen. Will Capture NX2 replace Photoshop? Not really. Despite the healing tool and other features that you’d find in Photoshop, you will need an application that would allow you different types of tweaking such as removing logos. CNX2 is not a replacement for Photoshop on the back end.

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Calumet has a presence in Europe but they also have brick and mortar stores in the U.S. in some major cities. If you find that you live near one of the metropolis listings, have a look at their calendar of workshops. New York City, Cambridge (Boston area), Philadelphia, Chicago, Oak Brook (Chicago area), San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Santa Ana (CA) are the locations.

Calumet’s online calendar

I spotted a speedlight/speedlite workshop in Cambridge as well as a host of other offerings such as a Photoshop intro class and Lightroom jump start, wedding & portrait classes and beginner lighting classes among many offerings. Most of the classes are reasonably priced and will vary by location. If you’re working in one area and interested in learning more about another, it might be a good way to introduce yourself to it. Pin Up photography and business building sessions notwithstanding.

There are also free vendor events listed in case you’re considering buying equipment. Profoto, Sekonic, PocketWizard, ColorMunki and X-Rite ColorChecker reps know their product well so a good way to see demos and ask questions.

I wish that all of these could be under one roof because the list topics vary by location.

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I honestly am excited about the free Photoshop webinar 10 week class being offered by CreativeTechs. The next class is tomorrow. It runs 60 minutes but the Q&A 30 minute time following the webinar is actually productive too. Jason Hoppe (the trainer) is doing a good job. Make sure you sign up for Twitter if you don’t already have an account so you can join in the chatroom live during the course of the seminar. The audience is muted over the live broadcast.

CreativeTechs is pushing the goodies a little further. They have added a bonus class in Color Management, scheduled for April 1. Steve Laskevitch is the trainer. Color Management for the Adobe Creative Suite CS3 and CS4. Laskevitch is Adobe Certified.


on their blog for details.

I’m tired of seeing all these orange images of people all over facebook. It torques up my white balance radar. But those are not the peeps that need to learn this aspect of the biz. If you’re a designer or photographer, you should have the baseline knowledge at your disposal before you decide to tweak the daylights out of those pixels. When your client asks you to match a color that s/he is viewing on their monitor, you should be able to explain. Ditto for the color proof that they spit out of their inkjet. Do you know why an image looks different in Photoshop than your page layout application and how to fix it? How about viewing it in your web browser vs. Photoshop? *^&%^%^0-= hello color profiles!  Devices and applications, oh my. Hmmm, I wonder why the Goe System (formerly Pantone) hasn’t shown up in my color palettes? Maybe all the designers decided not to spring for $349 for the new swatches.

Do I know how to color correct? Yes, I do but I’m still going to calibrate my monitor and show up. 🙂 If I take away only one or two tips for the growing number of devices and software that I have, it’s worth it. Time = $.

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