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Black Jack font—free

I was browsing Techworld for some information and noticed their list of the Top 10 Best Free Downloads of 2010.

Much to my surprise is that #2 on the list was a font! It’s the Black Jack font designed by Typadelic — Ronna Penner. It’s a handwriting type face. Good for personalization touches. Thank you!

I skipped on over to MyFonts.com for my copy. You will need to register in order to download and agree to the licensing terms. It’s also available on Typadelic’s site. Here.


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Nothing like timing. Peachpit Press is offering the Taking Stock: Make money in microstock creating photos that sell as an eBook for $9.99. It’s their eBook Deal of the Week so a limited time for the sale. It’s normally $23.99.

The real deal is here.

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I’ve been a fan of CreativeTechs since their first free webinar on Photoshop (Feb.’09) and I have posted information about their free classes on my blog. They have expanded their courses by a lot. Not just about the software but more. It is nice to see this taking off. Kudos to Craig Swanson and Jason Hoppe. Craig listens to his audience to shape the class offerings. Suggest a class here!

There is an upcoming 5 week studio lighting course. Rosanne Olson is the instructor. There’s also a watercolor painting class Dec. 18. The expanded courses even include one for building iPhone applications (currently in session as of this writing—class 3 is Dec.15) and a Photoshop scrapbooking course. If you’re shooting stock, you should sit in on their RetouchLIVE Thursdays. Live demonstrations of how to tweak your images. Jason Hoppe, who is Adobe Certified, conducts this one. He’s an entertaining presenter and Photoshop guru. Images are emailed to Jason for consideration to use in the class so this is real world, hands on usage. Pragmatic! If you think you know it all, I think you will be in store for some nice surprises.

Sign up so you will be notified by email when the class begins. Certain classes draw a large audience so you may want to sign up early. It is the real deal that the classes are free and they are live. If you’re a busy person and think that you may miss a class, you can purchase a single class or get the entire course in download form for nominal prices.

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I’m behind in my publication reading, both online and hard copy. Creativeprose is an enewsletter distributed by CreativePro.com and they always have topics that interest me. Design, photography, tips, tutorials and current industry news. Terri Stone (Ed.in Chief) published an article that mentioned PicScout is offering a free run of ImageExchange.

Getty Images has been using PicScout for some time to track their image offerings. The image is attributed to the correct maker electronically. An embedded electronic fingerprint (non visual) makes this possible.

ImageExchange is a product that makes licensing and other relevant info available. It’s a Firefox browser add on. It’s free at this time and Beta. I’ve downloaded it but not installed yet. We’ll see. Looks like a handy tool for designers to determine and buy licensing. This is not the ImageTracker product that allows image rights owners to ID and locate image use on the Internet for copyright enforcement. However, this is also a tremendous sales tool. Dreamstime went live with their entire collection on Dec. 8, 2009. That means that if one of their images is found, it tracks back to them and the finder can license it by purchase. Incredible marketing tool.

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I’m hooked on my iPod Touch. The new OS for the iPhone 3.0 and iPod Touch was released this past week and I bought and installed it. I’m still working with the new features. Copy and paste, wow. Email can now be read in horizontal mode, so easier to type in a response.

DataViz is a longtime developer that I have liked. Many a saved hour using their (MacLink Plus) translators for go betweens in applications and Mac and PC platforms. They are the developers of the Documents to Go application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I’m glad that DataViz has not ignored the Apple user base.

Microsoft Word docs can be created, edited  on your portable device. You can view Excel, PowerPoint, iWork and PDFs. I’m not a huge fan of using Word since i design professionally but the viewing of pdfs is a big thing to me and clients often send me Word and PPT documents.

It’s on sale until June 30 (2 weeks only) at $4.99 in the iTunes store. Check out technical requirements for all.

Check out some of the features here.

Blackberry SmartPhones or Palms aren’t left out. Blackberry free trial download or purchase link is here. Palm OS, Google Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobil are also supported. The software for these devices has been around for 10 years!

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I adore my iPod Touch. There’s a great handy application called Photo Calc that I have for photography. Exposure calculations for flash, reciprocity calculations (changing f/stop or aperture for equivalent same exposure), Zone system, sunrise and sunset times (according to my zip code), depth of field and hyperfocal distance calculator. I also keep some of my images loaded up on my iPod Touch. Good marketing tool.

Developer here

Apple currently has a good deal for college students (currently enrolled or entering college this fall). Buy a Mac and get a free iPod Touch. Must buy together at same time and be on same receipt. $229. rebate (price of the 8GB iPod Touch). Read the fine print to see if you qualify.

May 27, 2009, through September 8, 2009 and receive a rebate up to $229.

Current Apple Rebates

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Jeffrey Friedl has some incredible plug ins for Lightroom export in batches. I began using a few of them last year. You can post process your images in the Develop Module and do a direct export to:

Zenfolio, SmugMug, Flickr, Picasa Web and Facebook.


This is an incredible time saver if you have the need to batch upload. Instead of an export to disk (on a folder on your hard drive), you upload the images right into Facebook, SmugMug or Flickr. Those are the plug ins that I’ve used. Jeffrey works like crazy to keep them updated. He has recently added a donationware registration (1 cent)  for them, so this is a tacit deal for extending the functionality of Lightroom by a third party developer. I will be giving the newer SmugMug one a whirl next week. If all goes well, he’ll certainly get my donation and of course, it will be more than one cent.

You will need to authenticate your log in to SmugMug, but you can set up a gallery in advance or do it later when you use the plug in to export. You can also choose from an existing gallery that you’ve already created if you are uploading in more than one session.

There’s also a Metadata Wrangler that you’ll see on the link I’ve posted. Selectively strip your metadata upon export. If you have customized your own LR presets or bought them, maybe there is reason to strip this out. There’s also a geocoding plug in that allows you to geoencode your images from within Lightroom.

The plug ins are for Lightroom version 2.0

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