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I adore my iPod Touch. There’s a great handy application called Photo Calc that I have for photography. Exposure calculations for flash, reciprocity calculations (changing f/stop or aperture for equivalent same exposure), Zone system, sunrise and sunset times (according to my zip code), depth of field and hyperfocal distance calculator. I also keep some of my images loaded up on my iPod Touch. Good marketing tool.

Developer here

Apple currently has a good deal for college students (currently enrolled or entering college this fall). Buy a Mac and get a free iPod Touch. Must buy together at same time and be on same receipt. $229. rebate (price of the 8GB iPod Touch). Read the fine print to see if you qualify.

May 27, 2009, through September 8, 2009 and receive a rebate up to $229.

Current Apple Rebates


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