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NAPP is launching their first Special training event with webcasts for a week on the Creative Suite 6.

CS6 Live

Looks like it’s free and live to the public for this week only. After this week, you’ll have to be a NAPP member and sign on to the NAPP website to view. Since I considered the CS 5.5 upgrade ho hum (I didn’t bother), I’m interested to see something substantial in the way of the upgrade to CS6. The Creative Suite is no drop in the bucket financially. I’d want to see Illustrator beefed up somehow. Acrobat Pro too. Photoshop was definitely punched up. InDesign adds liquid layouts so designers can repurpose content more easily. Dreamweaver has been boosted, but I don’t think I will be using some of their tools like the developers drool over. Adobe is pushing the envelope with their new Creative Cloud subscription service. Ouch, introductory pricing is $30. USD a month discounted for existing owners ? That’s $360 for a one-year plan.  If you go month to month, it jacks up to $75.

Can Adobe improve upon their industry standard tools? Guess we’ll see.


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I have been sitting in on the CreativeTechs free webinars for InDesign after I did the Photoshop 10 week series. I’m no slouch in Photoshop, but there is material that was covered that was extremely helpful to learn. Impossible to know an application to that degree. Particularly since there are always numerous ways to execute tasks for what you want to achieve. Easy to get stuck in a rut when there might be a better way. Since I have the Creative Suite CS4, I am transitioning from QuarkXpress to InDesign. I like the handling of pdf creation for print work better from InDesign and also the integration of applications within the suite of applications.

I can’t believe these are free for what you get. CreativeTechs has expanded their training webinars from the original Photoshop course, so you really should have a look at the offerings and dates.

Here is their calendar of webinars/training in progress. Illustrator, Flash and an upcoming Dreamweaver course in Sept. I’m learning Dreamweaver (yeah, one more thing on the plate) so I’ll meet you in the Twitter chatroom in September. 🙂

The other thing in the works is that CreativeTechs is working on a SIX MONTH Photoshop CS4 course. Wow. The benefit of these webinars is that they are live and interactive. Very different than many of the online training videos online. There is interaction with the audience if you want to ask questions about something you saw or didn’t understand. CreativeTechs does offer downloads of all sessions for a nominal charge of $50. (at this time) if you miss a session or want to review coverage. The nominal charge goes up as the series progresses through the weeks. Or you can buy an individual session for $15. I did purchase the sessions and there is also a podcast included that you can dl through iTunes. I often use it when I’m stuck waiting for something. Productivity boost instead of just killing time.

If you go to their calendar that I posted, you’ll note Retouch Tuesdays. This is a great offering if you shoot stock imagery and would like to understand how to retouch your images. Real world examples are used, so extremely practical application.

CreativeTech’s trainers are exceedingly well qualified (Jason Hoppe is Adobe Certified) so expect good stuff presented very logically and accurately.

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