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I’ve been a fan of CreativeTechs since their first free webinar on Photoshop (Feb.’09) and I have posted information about their free classes on my blog. They have expanded their courses by a lot. Not just about the software but more. It is nice to see this taking off. Kudos to Craig Swanson and Jason Hoppe. Craig listens to his audience to shape the class offerings. Suggest a class here!

There is an upcoming 5 week studio lighting course. Rosanne Olson is the instructor. There’s also a watercolor painting class Dec. 18. The expanded courses even include one for building iPhone applications (currently in session as of this writing—class 3 is Dec.15) and a Photoshop scrapbooking course. If you’re shooting stock, you should sit in on their RetouchLIVE Thursdays. Live demonstrations of how to tweak your images. Jason Hoppe, who is Adobe Certified, conducts this one. He’s an entertaining presenter and Photoshop guru. Images are emailed to Jason for consideration to use in the class so this is real world, hands on usage. Pragmatic! If you think you know it all, I think you will be in store for some nice surprises.

Sign up so you will be notified by email when the class begins. Certain classes draw a large audience so you may want to sign up early. It is the real deal that the classes are free and they are live. If you’re a busy person and think that you may miss a class, you can purchase a single class or get the entire course in download form for nominal prices.


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If you’ve signed up for any of the free CreativeTechs courses that I mentioned here on my blog, you’ll understand that these are great courses.The expertise in the instructors is very sound. I’ve taken the Photoshop and InDesign courses.

They will be running a free Lightroom course for those of you who who are using or planning on using Adobe Lightroom for your post processing and digital asset management application. Lightroom is a great application, but the extension of the functionality is tremendous with 3rd party plug-ins and presets. I use Nikon Capture NX 2 in addition to Lightroom since I find that the conversion of RAW files is often more accurate in my taste for color.

Here’s the link to the free Lightroom course HERE.

CreativeTechs is not only offering a Lightroom course for FREE, but there are a pile of other courses in Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Digital Photography being offered coming in Sept.

Here’s their calendar. Sign up now. The Photoshop free course is a MEGA since it runs for 6 months.

They are just finishing up their Illustrator course but there’s 5 sessions left in their Flash course at this time. CreativeTechs live webinar format for their training is unlike static video tutorial viewing. The courses are free but they do offer downloads if you miss one or find it handy to review the sessions. Downloads are at a very modest course. Often, in the beginning of the sessions, they start at $50. for the entire series (often 10 sessions in a series). This also includes a pdf handout along with the video. You can subscribe to the podcast versions in iTunes too!

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