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Apple lost the battle today. It’s open season for the developers of apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Library of Congress has ruled that Apple can no longer keep the application business proprietary. It was very clear that Apple warned the owners that warranty would be void if the iPhone or iPod was jailbroken=running non-approved applications bought outside the iTunes Store on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

An addendum to this is that exception was granted for owners to unlock their iPhone so that it is no longer limited to one carrier. That means we may have our choice of carrier beyond AT&T.

I had previously declined to have a friend jailbreak my iPod Touch… but it would probably still void the warranty. What to do?


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Free apps for Mac

There’s a lot of graphic designers who started on a Macintosh. The GUI was simple and easy for us to use. We wanted to do our work but didn’t want to spend hours morphing ourselves into programming geeks. Greater parity has been achieved today since Windows pushed DOS out the window.

For those of you who are on a Mac today, I thought I’d post a link to a freebie suite of apps in case you wanted to give any of them a whirl.

MacHeist is spinning their nanobundle. Here.

I haven’t loaded or used them but will be taking a look. ShoveBox and Mariner Write are of interest to me. I don’t want to upgrade my Office Suite of products for Word or PowerPoint. I do need a word processor so I don’t have to open Word. TextEdit (freebie bundled with Macs) has been improved through the years, but it isn’t to my liking.

MacHeist’s offer is time limited. It only stands until they reach a certain number of downloads. Thanks for giving something back, MacHeist!

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